How to: Blood Angels Armour


It’s time for something more informative than usual portion of photos. It’s our first tutorial, so please don’t spare us your criticism. :)

I broke down this process to 7 steps and I’ll explain every one basing on according WiP photos.

I assumed that you know some basic, but if you’ll have some questions feel free to ask.

Blood Angels Power Armour:


Phase one:

First step is about base coating. The best way to do this is to use airbrush, especially working with red colours. It’s really ungrateful colour to paint it with brush.

I made base coat with Napoleonic Red (Andera Paints) and few highlights with mix of Napoleonic Red and White. At this point whole miniature can look a little pinkish. Easy way to overcome this is to make all necessary highlight a little brighter than intended and at the end just add one coat of diluted base red colour. It will make miniature look more red than pink without losing desired highlights.

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