WTC Painting Competition


It took me two weeks to write this report, so I hope you’ll enjoy it. There’s no official info about the painting competition at WTC, so I hope my report will fill the gap.
We were responsible for organizing a painting competition. Since WTC is an event mainly for competitive players, we decided to abandon the “Golden Demon-like” formula and do something different. Every tournament player was a participant, and our goal was to find the best painted armies among them. There were four prizes, three for WTC and one for the side solo tournament.
Here you can find all photos we took during the competition.

First cut

Our first task was taking a look at every army. We had exactly 318 of them, so we needed to do it during both tournaments. Of course, there wasn’t an option to disturb players during games. We all know that WM/H is an extremely demanding system, so there was no way to ask any questions or comment on anything. It took us something around six hours, but it went better than we expected. The hall was pretty big, but in some places very crowded; doing our job unnoticed was quite tough at times.

We finished the first cut with thirteen armies, so it was a very rough cut. At this point we just took an overall look at the army. Some of them had fine single miniatures, but it wasn’t enough to get into the army painting competition. I’m very confident that we chose the best painted armies in the hall.

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